A vision to integrate community
and place into the type of destination
that only Cedar Rapids can provide

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An exceptional place for living, working, and playing

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One Park Place is a mixed-use development that supports activity during all hours. The building creates a “vertical neighborhood” of residents, office workers, and parkade users who make up a steady flow of people utilizing the building throughout the day. The grocery store at the base of the building, a salon, spa, and hotel/conference center at the middle, and a roof-top restaurant, provides public park-like components throughout the building. Together, these amenities provide for the basic needs of both tenants and visitors, and will support an active social culture. Downtown workers and residents congregate and interact at the park-level amenities, as these spaces provide a hub for social exchange. Tourists, visitors, and theater-goers further add to the vitality of the building.

The building’s skin will be comprised of a simple palette of high-performance glazing, horizontal/vertical shading devices, and verigated metal composite panels. The Bread Garden Market will provide a vibrant grocery and cafe amenity in this downtown district. The new hotel, amenity spaces, and parking will support and enhance the experience of Paramount Theatre event attendees. The 28th floor will provide unparalleled views of the cityscape and provide the public with the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience.

Living in downtown Cedar Rapids

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From millennials to retirees, many people today are embracing a live-work-play lifestyle. By providing a mix of apartments and condominiums, residents will be able to live close to work, entertainment, restaurants, recreational areas, and public transportation. Additionally, providing a variety of types of housing helps create a diverse downtown population that enhances the overall culture of the city. The luxury living units provided in this development are a living experience that is not currently available to the residents of Cedar Rapids.

More than just a multi-use building

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In addition to maintaining an immediate proximity to the riverwalk, One Park Place will incorporate several park-like amenities throughout the building, at ground level and floors 10 & 28. The public will have access to these exciting spaces in the building, providing views that are not available anywhere else in Cedar Rapids. These spaces will foster activity in the Central Business District, even after business hours.

Guests and residents will be able to take advantage of downtown Cedar Rapids’ vibrant arts and culture scene with visits to Theatre Cedar Rapids, the Museum of Art, Public Library, Paramount Theatre, U.S. Cellular Center, and the downtown Farmers Market during the summer months. The building provides views across the river to the MGrath Amphitheatre which is also within the 1/4 mile walking radius.

The addition of a Market to the area will make urban living a far more viable option within the central business district. Downtown residents will no longer need to travel to suburban areas to meet their grocery needs. This amenity is essential to the success of the revitalization of the central business district, and will lure residents into the urban environment and provide a walkable solution for building tenants, surrounding tenants, and businesses.

Residential and commercial office space available for sale or lease